Saturday, 17 December 2011

A day late....

Yesterday was such a long day, just odd scenerios with clients... and in my industry there isnt many "odd" situations. My husband also came home last night so i am absolutly exhausted since we just HAD to go see the new Sherlock Holmes movie (dont worry i wont spoil it, but you should go check it out!) last night at 10:30pm.

Christmas always makes money very tight because there are so many people to buy for, and spoiling my son is a priority this year because the last 2 years i have not been able to make the holidays really special for him, and this year since i have been at my job now for over a year and am making pretty good money i am able to do all the things for my family i have wanted to do. On top of the new job and everything this will be the first year i get to actually spend christmas with my husband!! I am very excited for that!!

Along with being excited for the holidays comes the stress of having to move my horse right after. Dont get me wrong i am so so excited that in 15 days i will have him boarded 5 minutes from my house and we can begin our journey together, but i am a little worried about making sure i can fully afford him. Being young and starting out is not easy let alone when we already have 2 kids to provide for. I guess im just bummed because i came to the realisation yesterday that i wont be able to buy the saddle package i had wanted for a while i will try to find some stuff used to get by for now. I did see a few used saddles but Dressage saddles are so expensive.... i managed to find a bareback pad to use for now to use for the first few rides. Im hoping we have a great rest of December so maybe i can afford one in February with my commisions.

Im going to leave you with a picture of something everyday until i move G then i will start posting some videos of our work and pictures of the barn and stuff. Cant wait, even though im super stressed i am so excited to get back on a horse and start training... i havnt done much since the summer when i was leasing a horse more on that fiasco tonight lol.

Again not me riding but this is Gjonstone at his first Dressage test last year. When he was thinner lol.

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