Monday, 14 January 2013

Weekend Recap #2

This weekend was extremely busy and i am so tired and sore... but i think i managed to figure out how to fix some of my pictures so i am going to try to get caught up on some picture posting for everyone.

Friday i had to work both jobs so i was not able to make it out to the barn.

Saturday i was up at the crack of dawn to go and help out with the barn chores which was pretty simple other than being freezing cold. I didnt get a ride in since i had to run to Ikea to pick up some new bins for the feed room as well as pick up some feed for G since he is now inside and gets custom feed in the evenings. So currently i have him on Beet pulp, ground flax meal (human grade), Sweet feed and apple eh multivitamin..which will be getting changed to hoffmans once i run out. G already seems much happier minus the horse in the stall next to him hating everything about him lol.

Sunday i went out bright and early before work to drop off all the feed that i had picked up for G as well as the bins and helped put the horses out. Then it was off to Job #2. After work i was lucky enough to stop off at the barn to put a quick ride on G....and he was fantastic it was exactly what we needed right now just a good relaxing easy ride with no spooking no bucking... I can tell that he is much happier being in the barn just with how he responded to my aids.. i was even able to get him to leg yeild down the long wall without him getting to crooked or fast. I tried for a little bit of a canter he went into the canter quite nicely so i figured we would try a figure 8 at the canter to see if he would change leads or if he would try to stay on the same lead.... which he attempted to do and it was a very unorganized and unbalanced canter so we went to work on the leg yeilds. He did great though he was trying so hard and got tons of loving before i had to leave.

Im still working on getting the pictures up... blogger now isnt giving me the option to upload... wtf....

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  1. I've been having the same problem with Blogger not wanting to upload my pictures; as a result, I'm super behind on a ton of the showing part of show-and-tell! I guess their having issues with Internet Explorer. . .although now I'm starting to wonder whether or not they're even attempting to fix the issue. . .it's been like this for me for more than a week, and I'm getting sick of waiting around for a solution. Probably just have to go ahead and switch my browser.
    Anywho, so glad G was super good for your ride (with the exception of the cantering; but hey, you got some leg-yielding). ^.^