Friday, 11 January 2013

Change of plans

Last night i went out with the intention of having a lesson i was really rushed so i didnt have time to lunge him. Just before the ride i spent some time catching up with my coach and letting her know what has been going on with G. I walked him out and did a little trotting and we started in the lesson.

She had me doing circles at one end of the arena then every other time when we reached C we would head down the center line halt then go in the opposite direction. G had a nice bend in both directions but was bulging out against my leg and when i would put leg on he would start getting fast and grab onto the bit.

N pointed out that a lot of the fears that i had previously overcomb are starting to come back my position is suffereing im hunching forward and collapsing in my chest instead of sitting up straight. She also felt i was reaching for my stirrups and felt they should be shorter (obviously contrary to what my dressage coach says).

So we discussed her putting a few rides on G to help strengthen his canter leads and maybe help to teach him to move off the leg. So she ended up getting on him for the majority of my "lesson" and it became a trainer ride. She immediatly pointed out that he is a thinker i need to make sure that either the work im doing with him is complex so he is not allowed to get "bored" and start doing what he wants instead of what i want.

She showed me when it was good to allow things to slow down.. like with leg yeilding, i was having a hard time getting him to leg yeild facing the long walls because he would try to do what im asking but would either end up backing, walking into the wall or getting fast and ignoring my leg. She told me to not be afraid to use my whip, she would allow him to go a few steps then stop to let him think about it and to praise him, if he backed he got a tap with the whip if he walked into the wall he got a tap but 2 or 3 steps of the leg yeild he got lots of praise.

There was a small cross rail set up in the arena and everytime she went past it G would almost try to set himself up for the jump so we thought we would see what would happen if she took him over it... He was great picked up the right leads every time didnt hit the fence, didnt try to slow down or stop or refuse.

I have some vidoes but im still having some issues with my youtube account and struggling to get the videos up. After she was done riding him i got back on and we did a little bit of walk trot since he was nice and relaxed. We also worked on some patience... standing without pawing or trying to walk off without my cue.

I was quite happy that he was starting to be brought in last night because it hit -23C last night and G was nice and comfy in his stall. Tomorrow ill be out to learn all the barn chores and in what order they want them done so im hoping to be able to lunge him and get a bit of a ride in.

Saturday- Lunge/light ride
Sunday- Off
Monday- Dressage lesson

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