Friday, 4 January 2013

Scariest Place on earth

Yesterday i played hookey from my full time job so i could spend a day relaxing and riding it was +4 C here so it was a perfect day to get out and spend the day at the barn.

G was a tourist the entire time i was bringing him into the barn had to look at everying walking slower than molases, causing the barn manager and one of the trainers to make jokes about how pokey horses arent very good eventers (joking of course they would never say things to be mean he was just going that damn slow...).

We got in and i tacked him up and lunged him and i could tell from his cutting accross our lunge circle and throwing his head around that he was going to be nice and fresh to ride (lucky me)...

Now, our arena is heated but its the type that you have to turn on and it makes a lot of hissing and banging noises after the loud clicking just to turn the timer dial.... that combined with the snow sliding off the roof, the jumps set up in the arena, the fog that the heaters created and the dripping water from the roof made for an eventful ride....

It look a good 10 minutes of walking/circles/serpentines just to get G to settle down and pay more attention to me than everything else going on. There were tons of spooks... lots of slamming on the brakes... lets just say that by the end of 40 mins we were both exhausted me from trying to stay on and him from trying to do what i was asking even though we were riding in the scariest place on earth.

On the way back out to the paddock he got to relax and enjoy a nice roll in a big snow hill. Going to be a busy next couple of weeks trying to get him back in shape and ready for show season.

Monday- Dressage lesson

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