Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lesson Cancelled- yet another injury

Last night i was suppose to have a lesson but it would appear that G has decided that he is going to grow a little bit more *sigh*.

I brought G in at lunch because it has been raining here non stop for days on end so i figured he would need to dry before i could ride him. When i got back later i took him out of his stall and while tacking him up BAM he has a few little cuts and was swollen on his right hind leg just above the hoof. He was visably stiff so i went to the arena and started to lunge him he was incredibly fiesty on the lunge line trying frequently to rip the line right out of my hands and stopping and trying to run the opposite direction.

I called my trainer in and he didnt look sore to her so i got on once he settled a bit to trot him under saddle to see if we could see anything. And immediatly he took off at a quick walk ignoring me completly the second i so much as touched my reins he threw his head back at me. I asked him to trot and i had very little control so we came back to a walk he was giving me such a weird awkward walk like he was bow legged it was the weirdest feeling in the world T couldnt help but laugh and be confused as to why he was walking like that some of the time.

T couldnt see anything but we both agreed that his head was not in it. From when i saw him on Sunday he has grown he looks all legs again all gangly and awkward so we are assuming that with everything we have been throwing at him and him growing that he is in no condition to learn and have a productive lesson with.

I love T i will be devistated when she leaves, i love how she works with people and their horses she really focus's on the horses mindset.

So last night we just worked on the lunge line doing walk trot canter transitions trying to get G to be more responsive to my cues and make sure he picked up the right canter lead EVERYTIME in both directions. He was exhausted afterwards so it was still worth while and he stopped with the duck walk which was good.

We are going to try for a lesson on Sunday again and hopefully work in the round pen if it is dried up so we can work on the canter leads in a controlled area were i can focus on keeping him balanced and myself balanced and not so much on keeping him going were i wanting him at this time.

I hope he stops growing soon, hes already almost 17 hh he doesnt need to be any bigger than that ha ha. Then i can get a chiropractor or massage therapist out to work on his back and make him feel good. The duck walk is not something that he does often nor is it due to an injury its just his hind end and front end still are not quite in sync especially when his head is off in the clouds.

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