Friday, 13 July 2012

Yet another injury

I went out to catch G and wouldnt you know it his chest is all swollen and cut up *face palm* this horse is going to be the death of me. I noticed a broken fence board that is at about the same height as the cuts on G's chest it would appear one of 2 things happened;

1- G's new found love of jumping tempted him to make an attempt at the fence which he was unsuccessful and ended up going through the top board instead of over it.

2- Because all the horses are still trying to figure out were they fall into the herd with the mares and geldings being put together in the big pasture he was trying to avoid a bite/kick and turned quickly being caught off gaurd by the fence.

Either way there was a broken fence board and a swollen scratched up chest. So G got a bath which he hates... lol!

mom i hate baths

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