Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mind = Blown

Sunday we managed to sneak in a ride before lessons started but unfortunatly not before they started setting up all the jumps. At first there was only a pile of rails in the middle of the arena, G was pretty sure they were going to jump out and attack him so i figured we should take a look so he is ok with them instead he decided to hop over them. As we continued our ride they started setting up more jumps in a specific patter (im not a jumper but i believe it was a "bounce? then a jump?" i have no clue.

Everytime i tried to get G to ignore the jumps stay on the rail and continue to work on out transitions he would get all pumped up and raise his head up like he was just going to give'er.... i was terrified lol so we cut the lesson short and worked on our halts so i could watch some of the jumping lesson. Im pretty sure G would have just hopped over those 3 foot fences with or without me on his back... i might have to start having 1 ride a week were we do some free jumping or cross rails of something to change things up.

Ps- i am just waiting on my registration papers to be mailed out to me. He is officially paid for and is being transfered over to my name. Last step will to become a member of the Canadian Trakehner Society so i can get him rebranded.


  1. Coro has been known to run away with me over jumps. He LOVES it! Unfortunately for him I am a dressage rider. He is a real handful whenever jumps are set up in the arena and I usually take them all down to just ground poles if no one is using them.

    1. Yeah we have never really ridden in the arena with jumps set up lol thankfully its getting nuce out now so i can sneak into the outdoor arena when there are jumps set up. G's full brother is (well was) showing in Arizona in the jumpers... not my thing lol