Saturday, 5 May 2012

Hack #2

Last night i got to the barn right after work and brough in G and his new girlfriend Bella because N and i decided to go out for a Hack and if we had time possibly jump G in the arena as well. G was very feisty he even nipped my elbow while i was trying to do up his girth, he has developed quite the personality it seems the more we work the more he is becoming himself and trying to figure out what he can and cannot get away with.

I took him out into the round pen to let him get out some of his fizzies. I havnt been lunging him before every ride lately some rides i do and some rides i dont, there are going to be places and situations were i cannot lunge him so i dont want him getting used to relying on that time to calm down i need him to be nice and calm right from the get go. Tonight since it was going to be only our second outing i wanted to lunge him to make sure he didnt have any extra energy that he wanted to get out on the trail that could put myself or N in danger.... AND he bit me lol wtf so i figured we also needed to reestablish who it was that was in control.

As usual he was perfect on our outting, still having the same issues on the rocks with his front feet but that will be resolved on tuesday when he gets his shoes on the fronts. We went down a gravel road for a bit and came accross some puddles. Now Bella is in training for eventing so N was trying to get her to go through the puddles, i figured "hey, since the last time G was SOOO great going through the water let me show you how its done" yeah... i was wrong he was having NONE of THESE puddles they were completely different than the puddles LAST time so after a few minutes i got him to put a foot in the puddle and called it a win and we carried on.

We made it into a big feild right by my barn that was just gorgeous so we did a lot of trotting through the feild G did great he was a little distracted and excited about the new environment and the other horses he could see so we didnt do any canter, if the weather clears up and i can make it out there again today i will DEFINATLY  be cantering him through that feild.

There were lots of puddles and marshy spots still in the feild we continued to walk through the middles of the marshy spots and getting G used to some more water. One spot of the feild (next to trees) i figured we would go through the puddle... well G figured he would rather walk through the dense trees almost knocking me off in the process so he didnt have to get his feet wet.

Silly G... he did great though im so happy its summer and we can get in some more hacks. Fingers crossed the weather clears up so i can get back out into that feild tonight its so relaxing not riding in the arena!!

Happy tails everyone!

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