Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ferrier day

New ferriers are my favorite part of new barns every barn has a hot ferrier and my barn is no exception.

G had his shoes off and will remain barefoot now for the remainder of the winter. He was  bit of a brat for the ferrier but everything was great with his feet. The ferrier did mention however that the crack in G's hoof that i was concerned about a while back was because the prior ferrier was not beveling the top of his hoof enough and basically G's hoof was cavng in on itself.... kinda glad we fixed that one early on... and now i have 2 horse shoes that i need to figure out something sentimental to do with them...

Question: What have you done with your horses first set of shoes?

Anyways -

Thursday night-Lesson
Friday-day off
Saturday- ride
Sunday- dressage lesson

Life is good :)

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