Friday, 14 December 2012

Back at it

When i found this image on Pinterest i must have laughed for a good 2 hours i couldnt even look at my phone without laughing... sassy starfish... ha ha!

Anyways I hope everyone has been doing great i will have to go and read through everyones blogs to get caught up. I took a little bit of time off to work on me on my physical fitness and to work on my mental state, there has been so many positive changes in my life lately and i have been trying to keep those going and stay positive focus on getting caught up with work.... not to mention i had my CAIB 1 exam last week... fingers crossed i passed.

G has had some time off but seemed more than happy to be back at work when i was out there last night I lunged him first because i was expecting him to be a little hot after so much time off but he wasnt bad he was a little quick and a little sassy going clock wise (yes i did giggle a little bit when i wrote that) but it was very minimal and easy to get his mind back on what we were doing.

He stood better than usual at the mounting block and was very well behaved considering there was about 6 other riders in the arena.The entire time i was riding he had his ears back on me listening waiting for me to ask him to do something and he tried so hard to do everything that i asked... he has just lost a lot of his conditioning, he was huffing and puffing after about 20 mins so we took a little walk break then cantered both directions... again clock wise he was a bit of a brat and through a buck in but he does it once then goes into this beautiful flowing canter.

Saturday is our barn christmas party so i am sure i will have more pictures for you guys... before that we are having a show meeting so everyone who wants to show this summer can "sign up" with our barn so we know who all is going to what shows and we all have some goals for our training. G and i will be back in lessons for sure by January i figure by then i have to have another second job.

Im excited its going to be an interesting 2013, we will probably go to a few dressage shows and a few eventing shows... probably a few more eventing shows.

I also have 2 videos that i am trying to get uploaded :)

happy riding!! 


  1. You work in Insurance? Me too....lucky us! Starting my CAIB II in Jan...good luck on your results!