Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Blogging Vacation, Dressage lesson #23

aahhh sorry!!! I have been so crazy busy the last little bit with the 3 jobs and all!! I hope everyone has been great i will need to get caught up on my blog lists as soon as i can find some time.... my boss put a bit of a kibosh on us using work computers to do personal stuff so i had to "lay low" for a little bit.

G is doing great he had his feet done on friday and had a nice 30 minute massage as well.

I had Dressage lesson #23 i guess last night and i am so sore its not even funny. It was 30 minutes of fighting with a very athletic horse who refused to do serpentines to lengthen his trot and to canter on a circle by the end of it i was exhausted my entire body ached and G was dripping sweat i wish i had a video because even my dressage coach was blown away by his behavior... im thinking its because im winning he almost respects me im almost the boss hes giving it one last effort to try to gain control again..... im hoping thats the case. Either way we ended the lesson lunging him until he got his little brain focused. Im going to lunge him again tomorrow when im out to feed the horses. This change in weather is messing with the herd big time.

I got some more good news recently, i start with a personal trainer next week... he is one of the best in western canada and has worked with jockeys previously. So he built me a diet and a work out schedule to get me where i need to be physically to compete as far as i want too.

My weeks are going to be riding 4days a week, running 3 days a week and gym 3 days a week with a very strict and lean diet.

Fair warning i may be crabby.

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