Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Lesson #16 More Canter

Sorry i have been a little tardy lately with my posts, we have had some really bad weather so i havnt been getting out to the barn as much as i would have liked due to the really bad road conditions over two days we had something like 400 reported accidents in my city alone.

Anyways im back on having my regular lessons so i have a few to post about now. I keep getting told about how much progress G and i are making... i have a video but i have to 1 build up the courage to post it and 2 find a video of me riding worse so that there is something to compare too... that will be later this week im hoping.

Anyways G and i had a lesson with Nat on Thursday it was great G was forward and ready to work however he has now decided that in the canter transition he would like to buck and kick out, he does this almost every time now and i have had people watch him move to make sure that it is not a soreness issue all the coaches and other riders at my barn even the equine massage therapist says it is him testing me. So we have backed off the canter a little bit for the time being.

Trot poles are greatly improving i no longer hold my breath while going over them and i am able to go through with a posting trot as well as a sitting trot. MY biggest challenge is trying to fix my posting trot... if i get up the nerve to post the videos you will see i post like a a crazy person and thats why i have such a hard time with controling our rhythem and pace... as well as why i feel like he is running away with me all the time.

Thats my biggest challenge right now trying to fix my posting.

I also will be taking a few lessons with another coach at our barn before she goes away to compete in the states in January because she will be the one working with me in the summer since Nat will be leaving for ferrier school.


  1. Is that a cat on your horses back?!

    When I was learning to ride, I read an article that really helped me with posting - instead of thinking about posting, it used the term rising trot...to rise and fall with the rhythm.

    Everyone starts somewhere, so I hope you will post your videos. You will be glad you did when you want to look back and see your progress.

    1. yes lol My horse HATES the cats at the barn he loses his mind everytime he sees them wandering around in the arena so i was holding one showing him it wasnt the devil when it decided that his back would be a good place for a nap. It was cute G was very suspicious of it though lol.

      Yeah i think i am just going to give in and post them for you guys tonight if i can get on a computer at home. Ill post one from a year ago and one from this year... i just am working on getting to my goal weight as well and am a little self concious about how my body looks lol but my followers are awesome <3 and i know you guys wont judge me to hard lol

  2. Cute kitty on your pony!! Also, I agree that it sounds like G is testing you about the canter. SUPER normal green/baby horse stuff. But if it makes me you uncomfortable, try to have someone else ride him through it or wait until you're confident enough to do it. Tessa still gets pissy about canter transitions and sometimes needs Come To Jesus reminders about who's really in charge (and it's usually not me. haha. It's usually my trainer.)

    1. I actually dont mind to much riding it out lol im just as stubborn so people usually snicker as they hear me telling him to F OFF and GET OVER IT lol at least im in a point of my riding where i am not in tears ha ha! We will get through it.

      I like that

      Come to Jesus LMAO